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Below is a list of the tools and resources that have had files downloaded directly through NITRC. They are ranked in order starting with the tool/resource with file releases that have been downloaded the most.

You may click on the tool/resource name to get to the Summary page for that tool/resource.

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Rank Tool/Resource name Downloads
  31000 Functional Connectomes Project103892      
  5CONN : functional connectivity toolbox46051      
  10TOADS-CRUISE Brain Segmentation Tools27974      
  11DSI Studio27807      
  12Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource25382      
  13IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.4.1)21073      
  14BrainNet Viewer16164      
  15Functional Imaging BIRN16020      
  16JIST: Java Image Science Toolkit15609      
  19PANDA: a pipeline tool for diffusion MRI14820      
  20The Neuro Bureau13767      
  21Generalized PPI Toolbox12527      
  22MINC - Medical Image NetCDF11135      
  24BrainVisa Morphologist extensions10526      
  25Solar Eclipse Imaging Genetics tools10474      
  273D Slicer9642      
  29MITK Diffusion9168      
  30BrainMap Database8885      
  32Talairach Daemon8828      
  33BioImage Suite8683      
  35Automatic Registration Toolbox7851      
  37Neuroimaging Made Easy Blog7485      
  38Subject Order-Independent Group ICA7386      
  39Diffusion Toolkit / TrackVis7234      
  40BrainMask Volume Processing Tool6473      
  41XNAT Extras6404      
  42Artifact Detection Tools (ART)6364      
  43fNIRS Data Analysis Environment6252      
  44NYU CSC TestRetest5842      
  46Data Format Tools5702      
  48Spatially Constrained Parcellation5561      
  49Hammer And WML Modules for 3D Slicer5513      
  50Group ICA Toolbox (GIFT and EEGIFT)5415      
  52Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK)5055      
  53LONI Pipeline Environment4992      
  54SRI24 Atlas: Normal Adult Brain Anatomy4769      
  55Network-Based Statistic (NBS)4711      
  56NeuroImaging Analysis Kit (NIAK)4659      
  57BrainVoyager Brain Tutor4590      
  58UNC 0-1-2 Infant Atlases4586      
  59Human Imaging Database (HID)4303      
  60Source Information Flow Toolbox4165      
  61Center for Functional Neuroimaging Tech4079      
  64ABSORB for groupwise registration3654      
  65MATLAB Tutorial on Diffusion Tensor MRI3525      
  66FBIRN Image Processing Scripts (FIPS)3508      
  69GraphVar: A user-friendly toolbox for comprehensive graph analyses of functional brain connectivity3438      
  70HAMMER: Deformable Registration3350      
  71SPHARM-PDM Toolbox3303      
  72Vaa3D and Vaa3D-Neuron3300      
  74MRI Defacer3233      
  76ABC (Atlas Based Classification)3150      
  77Maps4Mipav (Exploratory JIST) 3119      
  78BXH/XCEDE Tools3064      
  792008 MICCAI MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge2987      
  82Optseq - fMRI Event Scheduler2882      
  83DWI/DTI Quality Control Tool: DTIPrep2853      
  84CANDI Neuroimaging Access Point2840      
  85Pipeline system for Octave and Matlab2835      
  863T DWI test-retest reliability dataset2834      
  87Task Independent Fluctuations Discussion2807      
  88CBS High-Res Brain Processing Tools2789      
  89LONI Debabeler2763      
  91JIP fMRI Analysis Toolkit2505      
  93MARS (Multi-Atlas Robust Segmentation)2492      
  99MRI Studio2335      
  100Robust Brain Extraction (ROBEX)2322