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Below is a list of the tools and resources that have had forum messages posted directly through NITRC. They are ranked in order starting with the tool/resource that has the most posted forum messages.

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Rank Tool/Resource name Posts
  1CONN : functional connectivity toolbox3575      
  2NITRC Community2046      
  3Vaa3D and Vaa3D-Neuron1450      
  41000 Functional Connectomes Project981      
  5SPHARM-PDM Toolbox619      
  6Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK)449      
  7BioImage Suite257      
  8PANDA: a pipeline tool for diffusion MRI243      
  9Network-Based Statistic (NBS)227      
  10BrainNet Viewer214      
  11Signed Differential Mapping206      
  12Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator191      
  13Generalized PPI Toolbox190      
  15NeuroImaging Analysis Kit (NIAK)166      
  16PESTICA & SLOMOCO: physio and motion correction tools163      
  18Automatic Registration Toolbox151      
  19The Neuro Bureau139      
  20BXH/XCEDE Tools95      
  21JIST: Java Image Science Toolkit86