This download contains a Java-based random walk simulator
and a command line interface to the simulation environment. This software is
not “end-user” ready; we have not had the programming support resources to
develop a streamlined front end. Rather, we are releasing the full source code
of this library and example scripts used to generate figures in (NMR Biomed.
2010 Feb;23(2):152-62.
The control files beginning with “nmr09…” generate the figures shown in this
manuscript. Please see their use for details on library usage.

Note: RWSsetup.m initializes the matlab-java connection. You
may need to edit your java.opts file to provide Matlab with sufficient memory.
Additionally, some versions of Matlab report failure when the connection is
first made, so sometimes two consecutive calls of RWSsetup are necessary to
initialize the library. The remained of the functions beginning with “RWS”
provide the interface to the Java backed.

I would be happy to provide support/guidance for adapting
this code for your purposes.

Best wishes,

Bennett Landman