Posted By: Pierre Bellec - Dec 7, 2010
Tool/Resource: NeuroImaging Analysis Kit (NIAK)
Release of NIAK version 0.6.4. Main features :
* NIAK is fully compatible with Octave.
* NIAK only depends on the opensource project called the MINC tools
* A new version of the user's guide in PDF. This guide applies as of NIAK release
* A completely revised fMRI preprocessing pipeline. Scripts written for the old system should still work, but it would be better to update the script to conform to the new template. This will require minimal effots. Main changes :
* There are no "styles" anymore. Most steps of the pipeline can instead be skipped using dedicated flags making the whole flowchart flexible.
* There are lots of new steps for quality control purposes.
* The T1-fMRI coregistration should work better.
* The parameters of the slice timing correction are much more straightforward to specify.
* the motion correction operates at the run level if possible, and is much faster. The strategy is also now fully hierarchical : within-run, between-run within-session, between-sessions.
See the [ release notes] for details.
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