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Cannot access the NKI RS pilot datasetella may1Dec 4, 2021
I need to download participant 2475376 3893245Ege Turan0Oct 20, 2021
Download from Jin4Oct 3, 2021
Data accessJonathan Jones1Oct 2, 2021
Download ADHD-200 Datasets R-fMRIasooft0Sep 30, 2021
ADHD database Download Problem (lose anthority)(关于AADHD数据下载权限丢失)Eastport King0Jan 10, 2021
A big problem. The dimension of fMRI data is different from the atlas for the ABIDE I data.Zhongxing Zhou0Oct 14, 2020
Permissions issues accessing the NKI RS pilot datasetMarie Strømstad0Oct 6, 2020
Cannot access Zhang0Aug 31, 2020
Is the number of ROIs for Harvard-Oxford atlas 110 or 111?Zhongxing Zhou0Aug 12, 2020
Do I need to regress out the head motion from the functional connectivity? Zhongxing Zhou0Aug 5, 2020
Does this mean that the head motion is zero?Zhongxing Zhou1Jul 27, 2020
How to load the preprocessed data of ABIDE I data (*.1D file) into matlabZhongxing Zhou4Jul 15, 2020
ADHD-200 Preprocessed Dataset with Testing Dataset in AAL templateNaseer Khan0Jul 10, 2020
ADHD-200 preprocessed fMRI Testing Data and PhenotypeNaseer Khan0Jul 10, 2020
Does this mean that the head motion is zero?Zhongxing Zhou0Jul 7, 2020
The number of downloaded ABIDE Preprocessed data is smaller than 1112Zhongxing Zhou0Jul 7, 2020
ABIDE Images Data download issueSadaf Sahar0Mar 30, 2020
Difficulty with batch_process/6_singlesubjectRSFCMegan Kangiser1Mar 3, 2020
clinical demography of ADHD-200 samplesmasoud rezaei1Jan 4, 2020
ABIDE Subject IDspetemade0Dec 6, 2019
ADHD-data ping zhao0Dec 2, 2019
Permissions issues accessing the NKI RS pilot datasetAmritpal Singh5Nov 20, 2019
Questions about downloading ADHD-200 datasetzhangjunyyyyy0Oct 17, 2019
NYU normal subjects data of ADHDSartaj Ahmed0Sep 26, 2019
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