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Feb 21, 2019  04:02 AM | neuronerd
Difficulty with FSL TBSS
Hi there,

Looking for help using the TBSS step of DTI analysis in FSL! I followed normal pre-processing steps including eddy correcting and dtifit, but I'm having trouble with TBSS. tbss_1_preproc * worked well, but when I run tbss_2_reg -T on my images, the .msf files it poduces are empty (0 bytes), and when I go on to tbss_3_postreg -S I get error saying it cannot find those _to_target_warp files. I've tried re-running steps 1 and 2 etc but no luck...Any suggestions??

Feb 22, 2019  06:02 AM | Zhen Li
RE: Difficulty with FSL TBSS
I am sorry that I don't know much about TBSS. I only know the initial preprocessing of the DTI data with PANDA and know little about further process.