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Mar 14, 2019  07:03 AM | eng
How to change labels values
I have MRI images with labels 20 ,30 ,40 . I need to change the labels from 20 ,30 ,40 to 1,2,3 

Is there any tools to do that...
Mar 15, 2019  08:03 AM | Mehran Azimbagirad
RE: How to change labels values
Depends on the software that you use. For instance, 
in freesurfer

in 3DSlicer using Editor

in FSL

fslmaths [-dt datatype ] first_input [operations and inputs] output [-odt datatype ]

in your case can be
fslmaths -dt label.nii -div 10 -odt output.nii
fslmath -dt -output.nii -sub 1 -odt output2.nii

At first divided by 10, then subtracted by 1.