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Apr 5, 2019  01:04 PM | Clément Garin
Upload heavy (3.8go) file
Hi NITRC community, 
I'm currently trying to upload a heavy (3.8go) file on my account.
However, according the message Maximum upload file size is 1024M. Please see "User Guide - Files Administration" for using SFTP/FTP with larger files.
I should have informations on "User Guide - Files Administration" but i can't find it.
If someone has a idea of the protocol to follow, i will be realy helpfull for me.
Apr 5, 2019  02:04 PM | NITRC Moderator
RE: Upload heavy (3.8go) file
Hi Clément,

The basic idea is to upload the large files vi FTP/SFTP and then point to them from the downloads section.  For details, see:

in particular the note box under the "Adding Releases to a Package" section.