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Apr 10, 2019  08:04 AM | Elika B
Problem with loading picture in MRIcro
Hi all,

I want to change a DCOM picture to .nii one with MRIcroGL. I get this error when I want to open .nii pic:

This image file is smaller than described in header.Expected: 131072 Selected:348.

Could any one help please?

Apr 10, 2019  12:04 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: Problem with loading picture in MRIcro
Can you confirm you are using the latest version (v1.2.20181114)? If not, get it from here:
You can view a DICOM image directly by dragging and dropping the DICOM image onto MRIcroGL. You can convert it to NIfTI by choose the Import/ConvertDicomToNifti menu item and dragging the DICOM file onto the conversion window. 131072 bytes sounds very small for a MRI scan - I assume this is only a single 2D slice. You probably want to convert a whole folder of 2D DICOMs to get 3D volumes.