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Apr 11, 2019  05:04 AM | Josh Robinson
catastrophic error with par/rec - can't find slices

I had posted about this about a month ago but never got a response and unfortunately I am still having an issue with some Phillips DW data I try to convert. I get the error message:

Error: Catastrophic error: found 2145 but expected 2210 slices.

I had seen a similar thread where this was happening but in that instance it also threw an error regarding the image type, and I get no such message. I can't seem to recognize any pattern for why some scans fail and some scans pass - scans that fail have all slices present in the rec that are reported in the par. My hunch is that this is a problem with our last volume in the rec, which is a trace image, as removing this image before conversion allows the data to then be converted. However, I do not know if this is indeed the right solution and it is also a bit of a pain to remove this volume. I am wondering if you have any insight if this is indeed the problem, and if there are any fixes out there that can handle this issue (I'm using June 2018 version).

Any help is very appreciated, thanks!

Apr 11, 2019  05:04 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: catastrophic error with par/rec - can't find slices
1.) First, I would make sure you have the current stable release version 25-November-2018 (v1.0.20181125)
2.) If that fails, try dicm2nii:
3.) Next, are the files you are trying to convert DICOM data or are they Philips proprietary PAR/REC files? I suspect it is a damaged/partial PAR/REC file. In which case you could try to salvage it with
alternatively, you can manually fix broken PAR/REC files by editing the PAR file with a text editor. I suspect that the core issue is that your scan was interrupted before acquisition was completed, so the PAR file describes more images than stored in the REC file.