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May 7, 2019  10:05 AM | Nina Prucnal - Jagiellonian University
Problem on starting WFU Pick Atlas
Hi all!

I have just downloaded an WFU Pick Atlas toolbox and I've unpacked it into the toolbox folder related to the SPM12. There are some errors. What should I do to start this toolbox?

I am currently using;
Matlab R2015b
Windows 7

Error using wfu_require_tbx_common (line 83)
Unable to add C:\Users\IPS1\Documents\spm12\toolbox\wfu_tbx_common OR find wfu_check_nifti.m which is in wfu_tbx_common

Error in wfu_pickatlas (line 12)
Error in spm (line 1017)
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback