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May 15, 2019  11:05 AM | Eszter Agnes Papp
Requests for new anatomical regions
Please use this thread to suggest new anatomical regions you would like to be included in a future version of the atlas.

You may also suggest an anatomist that could assist with the delineation of that particular region, or offer your help adding a region. In fact, that would make us really happy :)
Jun 3, 2019  07:06 PM | pperin
RE: Requests for new anatomical regions
I just read your beautiful paper on the rat auditory system, and it mentions that the new segmentation will be present in v3 atlas. When will v3 be available? I am currently segmenting several structures in the rat cochlear nuclei from iDISCO data, and it would be very useful for registration :)
Jun 9, 2019  04:06 PM | Eszter Agnes Papp
RE: Requests for new anatomical regions
Glad you like our recent paper:) For the version 3 segmentations, please see Downloads:

The files you are looking for are under Package: Atlas
  • WHS_SD_rat_atlas_v3.nii.gz
  • WHS_SD_rat_atlas_v3.label
Oct 7, 2019  05:10 PM | Armin Tavakkoli
RE: Requests for new anatomical regions

Thank you so much for taking on the task of delineating a rat atlas. It has been invaluable to our research. 

I have a request: we really need the retrosplenial cortex and to a lesser urgency the amygdala and the ventral/dorsal hippocampus delineated. Is there a chance we can help you do this?

Thank you.
Oct 8, 2019  08:10 AM | Heidi Kleven
RE: Requests for new anatomical regions
It is great to hear that the rat brain atlas has been a valuable resource.

Regarding delineation of anatomical regions, if you wish to help delineate the retrosplenial cortex, amygdala and ventral/dorsal hippocampus, please contact the corresponding author on Osen et al. 2019.

Trygve B. Leergaard
Corresponding author.
Department of Molecular Medicine, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway