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Jun 2, 2019  08:06 AM | g55ze1
MR Lumbar Protocol Suggestion
Looking for some guidance on an optimal scanning protocol for annular tear.

Male, 50YO
HNP L2-3, L3-4, L4-5
Tears L2-3, L3-4

The typical findings one would expect, osteophytes, foraminal stenosis, DJD, ...

Significant localized LBP, separate from typical radiculopathy. Trying to avoid conventional discograms. 

Fusion is in the cards, but trying to buy myself 5 more years. 

Symptoms recently are more indicative of an increasing listhesis.
Fusion will be significant at 3 levels.

I've requested a current scan. Looking to have the protocol optimized for me as opposed to typical standard.

I've heard gado. can be advantageous for the tears. I'd also like to include a volumetric acquisition for recon purposes as well.

Assuming a 1.5T magnet, and a cooperative patient, do you have any suggestions?