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Jun 11, 2019  06:06 AM | Renyang Gu - UCL
co-registration between CT and WB Dixon MR images
I was trying to co-register the CT (512x512x720) and Whole-body Dixon MR (640x520x274) images. And I have got mainly two problem when doing it. 

1) The resampling algorithm in niftyreg is based on the affine transformation matrix between two image series, but it doesn't show satisfying results. So I was wondering whether I could be resampling of CT images by matching the pixel spacing of MR images? 

2) I remembered I read somewhere saying that most of the open-source registration algorithms do not require to make the grid of the MR and the CT equal. They would detect the slice-pair showing the similar structure and do the registration. 
If so, how could I measure the similarity without resampling the CT image?

Thank you!