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Jun 27, 2019  06:06 AM | Zhen Guan
Fail to call MultiScale Enhancement

I am using MultiScale Enhancement to segment a CT image of size [512 512 240] of .v3draw format. It is a 3D grayscale heart CT image and I want to find the coronary artery around the heart so there are many things in the image other than coronary artery.

When I use MultiScale Enhancement, it pops out an error " Invalid data type. Do nothing."

So I would like to know what cause this error and how ot solve it.

Jun 27, 2019  10:06 AM | Zhi Zhou
RE: Fail to call MultiScale Enhancement
Please convert your image to be 8bit first, and then run the plugin. You can find the attachment for more information.
Attachment: untitled.png