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Sep 2, 2019  11:09 AM | wqx15
How to transfer the swc file into swcx file
I want to generate the swcx file and display them into Vaa3D vivid. I want to get the coordination of neuron elongation, retraction and so on. 

Firstly, I got the swc files in every time points. Second, I substract 2rd swc files from 1st swc file. And so on. For example, I have 10 time points. So I got 9 substracted files. Then I want to get the swcx files which can show the changes during 10 time points. What should I do next? 

Here is the article in attachment that shows the Time-lapse neuronal reconstruction process. But I couldn't find the solution about transferring swc file into swcx.

Thank you for your attention!