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Sep 3, 2019  05:09 AM | Jeff Dennison
Multiple Users in Cloud Computing
Hey all. I was wondering if anyone using the Cloud-Computing environment has managed to have multiple users logged into the same server? I am able to create new users but it seems like some important environment variables change when I switch users. That is after useradd and switching users via sa i canot run FSL, cannot edit the bashrc file or source it. These are problems I didn't have a couple weeks ago and am wondering if something in the environment has changed.These are problems I do not have logged into the 'ubuntu' user.
Sep 5, 2019  05:09 AM | Matt Travers
RE: Multiple Users in Cloud Computing
Hi Jeff,

What version of NITRC-CE are you running? We recently released v0.50.0 which is the first version build on Ubuntu 18.04 and there are some differences between it and the previous version, v0.49.1, which was built on Ubuntu 16.04.

Also, the gedit command is a graphical editor and needs to be run within a desktop rather than an SSH command line. Have you tried connecting to your EC2 instance through the NITRC-CE dashboard and then open a Desktop terminal? To do so, enter the public IP address of your EC2 instance in your browser address bar to access the NITRC-CE dashboard. After logging in, you can connect to a graphical desktop by following the directions on the "Desktop" section of the console page.

Sep 26, 2019  08:09 AM | Morteza Najibi - Lund University
RE: Multiple Users in Cloud Computing

I have similar problem with the v0.50.0 image that I installed in the Vmware. When I create a new user with adduser command, I cannot run fsl or Freesurfer in the new user anymore. 

Please let me know if you found some script for creating the user and auto modifying the environment for the new user as well. Thanks