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Sep 4, 2019  03:09 AM | Sameera Khalid
2-way ANOVA for a longitudinal TBSS study

I'm currently running a longitudinal TBSS study and would like to conduct a 2-way repeated measures ANOVA using randomise.

The current FSL guides ( ; show good examples of 2x2 and 1x4 repeated measure analyses, but do not necessarily apply to my study.

My study consists of 15 subjects (8 in GROUP1, 7 in GROUP2) with each subject being at tested at five different timepoints. It is essentially a 2x5 mixed model ANOVA; of the two factors (group and time), time is the repeated factor.

I'd like to model the subject-specific means, as well as the main group effect, time effect, and groupxtime interaction. I'd like some guidance on how to create the relevant design files i.e. design.mat, design.con, design.fts, and was also wondering the relevance of a design.grp file in a case like this.

I appreciate all the help!