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Sep 13, 2019  12:09 AM | x-blackeagle - University of Sydney
Denoising step and SPM Preprocessing
Hi all,

I'm wondering in the denoising step, if we perform preprocessing steps in SPM12 (including detrending of global signal, movement/motion and cardiac and respiratory artifacts), is it redundant to then perform the denoising step in the CONN toolbox? In saying this, the 'Distribution of connectivity values (r)' and 'BOLD timeseries' graph and plots, respectively, show improvement when including confounds of white matter, CSF, scrubbing and Effect of Rest - that is, the distribution graph becomes more centred and the global signal becomes less noisy. 

Would someone be able to help me by clarifying if it is necessary for me to perform any additional denoising on top of my preprocessed data? I'm just confused as to whether what I have done with preprocessing makes the aCompCor method within CONN a bit redundant, due to my already detrended data, 

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could help me troubleshoot and/or fix this problem.

Kind regards,