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Oct 7, 2019  09:10 AM | Mariam zomorodi moghadam
Nilearn for plotting
Dear all,

I want to use nilearn plotting functions, like plot_stat_map. But i donĀ“t know exact functionality of these plotting functions. For example when using them for plotting a whole dataset, what it plots is three images of brain. Basicaly i have two concerns, first what exactly does this funcion do? What kind of information of brain it plots? And secondly, does it plot an average between subjects as it has only three images? If so how does it take average?

Thank you
Oct 10, 2019  02:10 PM | Kamalaker Dadi - INRIA
RE: Nilearn for plotting

plot_stat_map can be used for plotting statistical maps.
This link gives you some ideas of what each plotting function does.
Oct 11, 2019  03:10 AM | Mariam zomorodi moghadam
RE: Nilearn for plotting
Dear Kamalaker,

Thank you for your response. Can these functions be used for plotting multiple subjects? If so, what it plots? An average of images, maybe?