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Oct 7, 2019  09:10 AM | juliebernard88
setup: conditions

I want evaluate the differente connectivity pre and post treatment for a single subject. This patient had catatonia which that disappeared with Zolpidem. I have no anatomical a priori

in conditions step (setup), it's necessary to write:
- condition: pre-bzd and post-bzd
- subjects: subject 1
- session: session 1 ans session 2

to Resting state : session1 : pre: onset: 0 during: inf and post : onset: [ ] during: [ ] .
Session 2 : pre : onset: [ ] during: [ ] and post : onset: 0 during: inf

that right?

Thanks you

Oct 10, 2019  02:10 PM | Donald Royall
RE: setup: conditions
Sorry, I don't have the answer to your question. However, I have seen a similar case in a septuagenarian who almost completely resolved from an agitated catatonia after a single dose of Ambien. The results were short lived and required BID re-administration. I've wondered if this might not be an Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis syndrome?

Donald R. Royall, MD