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Oct 10, 2019  02:10 PM | Pooya Bahari
Merging series in MRIcroGL
Hi everyone

I need to work on a brain MRI in BrainSuite (which only accepts Nii files)
So I used MRIcroGL to convert my DICOM to Nii

the problem is in my DICOM, Axial, Coronal and sagital images are on different "series". so when I use MRIcroGL to convert, it generates different Nii files for each series (Ax, SAG...)
and by importing any of them in Brainsuite, it shows low quality reconstructed images for other two view which make processing useless
any Idea how to fix this? (for example merge dicom series, or combine nii files or...)

Sorry if I'm asking in wrong place but any help would be appreciated
P.S : I tried all options in MRIcroGL Dcm2nii including always merge.