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Nov 28, 2019  08:11 AM | egourieux
Toshiba/Canon issue with bvec/bval files

Recently we received DICOM from a Toshiba/ Canon Galan 3T (software version V5.0SP600) and I have some issue with the DTI.

With dcm2niix the 'bval'/'bvec' files are not extracted from DTI series (no error occurs).
It seems that b-value are in the DICOM tag (0018,9087) and bvec in the DICOM tag (0018,9089) (same tags as some Siemens or Philips DICOM )

Do you know why bval/bvec files are not generated ?


Nov 29, 2019  04:11 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Toshiba/Canon issue with bvec/bval files
Unfortunately, diffusion gradients are typically vendor specific in DICOM. Each vendor using their own tags and coordinate system to define the gradients. The reason dcm2niix does not support Toshiba gradients is that I have not seen a Toshiba diffusion dataset. I do not have access to Toshiba hardware, so I rely on the community to provide sample datasets. 

Ideally, it would be great to have a publicly shareable dataset that illustrates Toshiba gradients. In addition, it would be great if the dataset included two series: one acquired orthogonal to the scanner bore and one rotated by about 30 degrees. The rationale (along with sample datasets from other vendors) is described in the "dedicated document" linked here