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Dec 24, 2019  02:12 AM | Helen Park
unable to install on WIndows10
I am trying to install the program "dcm2niix" on Windows 10.
After downloading program for 'windows' and upzipped the file, I have found the dcm2niix.exe file but nothing happens when I click on it.

Is there any other procedures that I have to perform, other than just downloading the file uploaded in this site?
Dec 24, 2019  12:12 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: unable to install on WIndows10
dcm2niix is a command line program. You have three options:
 1.) You could open a terminal and control it through the command line, e.g. "dcm2niix -f %s_%p c:\myDICOMs"
 2.) You could drag and drop a folder with DICOMs onto the icon in the Windows Explorer. This should convert the folder, but you will have no control over how it does this.
 3.) You could download MRIcron or MRIcroGL which are graphical programs. You can open these and choose the "Convert DICOM to NIfTI" menu item from the "Import" menu. This will display a window that allows you to select options, press the "Select folder to Convert" button to begin conversion.
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