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Feb 3, 2020  04:02 PM | Ana Pereira
Superimposition of binary masks
Hi all,

I'm new to MRIcron and I am just looking for some help!

I am working with some binary masks for intracranial volume and white matter lesions and I wanted to superimpose/subtract the test masks with some reference standard masks that were provided to me. Looking at the software instructions online the only way I could find to do this was by creating an overlay between a background and overlay image. The result, however, comes out as a colour overlay rather than a binary set? (instead of only allowing me to adjust intensities from 0 to 1 it allows me to vary colour and transparency % on the background and overlay) - Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance,
Feb 3, 2020  05:02 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: Superimposition of binary masks
The Draw/OverlayComparisons will allow you to subtract/add other images to your drawing. I would load the MRI scan as your background image, load the standard masks as overlays, and then create your drawing. The OverlayComparisons will allow you to choose an intersection, union or mask between your drawing and the masks.