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Feb 6, 2020  04:02 PM | Nele De Bruyn
change colour of lesion heatmap
Dear MRICon users, 

I would like to create an heatmap of my lesions.
I have already created the overlay image but have some troubles with the colour settings of it. 
I am able to change the colour of the heatmap overlay  at the dropdown menu from red to for instance violet or blue. 
However i would like to create a heatmap with more than one colour, so red for high overlap and blue or green for low overlap of lesions. 
I know a colleague of me has the opportunity to chose this into this dropdown menu, but that is not the case with me. 
I have already downloaded and installed the latest new version of MRIcron, but this does not change the colour options. 
Is there a place were i can download or enable this option? 

Thank you very much for your help, 
Feb 6, 2020  04:02 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: change colour of lesion heatmap
The first few color schemes (Grayscale, Red, Blue.. Cyan) are built into the software. The additional color schemes are loaded from files in the "Resources" folder. When you download MRIcron, it should include this folder that has color schemes, image templates, etc. It should be in the same location as your MRIcron executable. You can change the files in this folder, e.g. adding and removing your preferred color schemes. However, if the resources folder is not found, you will only see the built-in effects. You did not mention the Operating System you are using, but for MacOS you need to click on the executable icon in the Finder and choose to "Show Package Contents" to see the resources folder. So the simple thing is to redownload MRIcron and keep it in the same location as its Resrouces folder.

If you have a modern computer, you might want to try my newer MRIcroGL. While I am happy my old software has proved popular and robust, my more recent tools leverage advances in computer hardware.
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