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Feb 20, 2020  02:02 PM | sujan dasmahapatra
not able to build MRIcroGL with lazarus
Hi All

I am trying to build MRIcroGL from source as per the guide lines given in document. as below.

lazbuild --verbose-pkgsearch lazopenglcontext --verbose-pkgsearch pascalscript

But it's not producing the new MRIcroGL.exe file.? I tried to change the icon only for testing. But it seems not working with this command. Can you anyone suggest, how can make a full built of the MRIcroGL?

Any help is highly appreciated.
Feb 20, 2020  03:02 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: not able to build MRIcroGL with lazarus
For Windows I would make sure you follow these instructions.
 1.) Download the source code:git clone
 2.) Download the vector code: git clone
 3.) Download the Python package
 4.) Optionally, for Windows you can get better performance for Gzip files if you download a high performance zlib:
You might find it easiest to compile from the graphical user interface. You will want to use the Package/InstallPackage command to install the Python-for-Lazarus and LazOpenGLContext packages. Open the MRIcroGL.lpi project and select Project/ProjectOptions, in the CompilerOptions Paths tab make sure the "Other unit files" provide the location of the Metal-Demos\common folder and the static\x86_64-wind64 folders. Finally, choose Run/Compile. Once this all works from the graphical user interface, you can optionally edit the "_windows.bat" batch script for rapid completion from the command line.