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Feb 27, 2020  05:02 PM | Andrew Sun
Glass brain shader
I'm trying to use the glass shader, but the rendered brain completely disappears when I do so. When I try to adjust any setting, the image shows up but then disappears again after a half second. It doesn't seem like changing any of the settings is able to make the image stay put.

It's strange because I made the same brain using the same settings yesterday and was not having this issue.
Would appreciate any help on this issue, thanks.
Feb 27, 2020  06:02 PM | Andrew Sun
RE: Glass brain shader
So it seems like on a different computer (Microsoft Surface) I was able to use the Glass shader.

However, when I try to save the image as a bitmap, the rendered image seems to disappear. For context, I'm trying to save enough images to make an rotating animation.

Also, is it possible to save a file with a base image, say one of the standard brains, along with the multiple masks you opened?
Attachment: 1.png