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Mar 19, 2020  05:03 AM | sr shn
slice acquisition order
Dear all,

I use ABIDE II dataset. I want to know what is the slice acquisition order of Stanford University data?

Kind regards,
Mar 19, 2020  05:03 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: slice acquisition order
I have only seen the ABIDE data distributed as NIfTI images, not DICOM images. If you do have the DICOM images, can you check the BIDS format JSON file created by dcm2niix for the "SliceTiming" tag. If it is not present, please upload it. If you do not have the DICOM images, and only the NIfTI images, you are asking the wrong forum, as dcm2niix if for DICOM to NIfTI conversion. Please contact the apprpropriate forum. I note that fcon_1000 lists they are the parent project for ABIDE