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Mar 27, 2020  08:03 AM | Adam Zabicki
unable to create file "*.\mricron.ini"
Dear Chris,
this isn't rather a bug, i guess, but i am wondering why there always when i close MRICON an error message appears telling 
Unable to create file
Press OK...
Press Abort...

And despite this message, that *ini-file will be indeed created and updated... 

I guess it is rather a win10-related problem?!

best, adam
Mar 29, 2020  02:03 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: unable to create file "*.\mricron.ini"
1. If you select the file properties for the ini file, is the "Read-only" checkbox selected? You want a file you can both read and write, in a folder you can read and write. 

2.You may want to try upgrading to MRIcroGL (go here for a pre-release of the upcoming version). It will save your preferences in the user home folder, which avoids file permission issues. I will consider this for the next release of MRIcron. However, most of my efforts focus on my more recent tools (e.g. MRIcroGL) over legacy tools (MRIcron).
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Mar 30, 2020  06:03 AM | Adam Zabicki
RE: unable to create file "*.\mricron.ini"
dear chris, 

thank you for the reply. no it wasn't the read-only-attribute.
and after observing some other weird behaviour (when repeatedly just double-click mricron.exe and close it immediately, the error-message sometimes appeared and sometimes not), i moved the mricron-folder from my dropbox and now it seems ok. i guess the dropbox-client was "blocking" the ini-file.