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Apr 3, 2020  11:04 AM | Alexandria Jensen - University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus
Adding MCALT Atlases to WFU_PickAtlas Toolbox in SPM12

I am attempting to add the atlases from the NITRC MCALT download into the WFU_PickAtlas Toolbox for SPM12. I have followed the developer's manual instructions from the toolbox but, when I try to access the atlases, I get the following error:
ans =
struct with fields:
atlasname: 'MCALT HUMAN ATLAS'
subdir: 'MCALT_atlas_templates'
lookupfile: 'master_lookup.txt'
dispimage: 'MCALT_T1.nii'
licensefile: ''
conversionfile: ''
conversion: []
Unrecognized function or variable 'Region'.
Error in wfu_get_atlas_list>lookup (line 117)
if ~(isempty(Region))
Error in wfu_get_atlas_list (line 31)
[A] = lookup(atlas_path, T, I, O, N);
Error in wfu_pickatlas>Initialize (line 214)
[Atlas]=wfu_get_atlas_list(, ...
Error in wfu_pickatlas (line 55)
Initialize(fig, [], handles, varargin{:})
Error in spm (line 946)
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

I have tried nearly everything I can think of to fix this error but nothing is working unfortunately. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Alexandria Jensen