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Apr 28, 2020  01:04 PM | Alex Brown
Help with installation/setup needed
Dear developers,

I have tried using different updates of your software and different operating systems for weeks (Ubuntu 18.04, Centos6) but still cannot get the software to operate properly. On Ubuntu I ran into a symbol lookup error for and was not able to open the GUI. On Centos6 I can open the GUI but am having issues with python3 and python libraries when I attempt to execute the scripts.

I have a very intriguing data-set of diseased-state brains that appear to have large volumes of EA-CSF. Our research team at the University of Missouri would love to use your software/collaborate with your team to obtain the volumetric data for analysis.

Is there anyway we could set up a screen-share meeting (TeamViewer, Zoom) to help set up the Auto EACSF software on my computer(s)? Or could I send you a computer and have one of the developers install/setup Auto EACSF on the computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

my email is if you would prefer to communicate via email.

Thank You,