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Jun 1, 2020  01:06 PM | ye ya
"File not large enough to store image data"
I ran dcm2niix via matlab.  Some runs are successful, but one of the runs resulted in error:

Chris Rorden's dcm2niiX version v1.0.20190902 (JP2:OpenJPEG) GCC4.8.2 (64-bit Linux)
Saving defaults file /home/user/.dcm2nii.ini
Found 233 DICOM file(s)
FileSize < (ImageSize+HeaderSize): 1048576 < (1555848+206864)
Warning: File not large enough to store image data: /media/user/4TeraDrive/elections19_rawData_20perScan/election2019_secScans/YY_lab_Hadas_Subj000396_20190702_1120/09_cmrr_mbep2d_Mov4_TR1/Subj000396_09_cmrr_mbep2d_Mov4_TR1_cmrr_mbep2d_Mov4_TR1_00020.dcm
Index exceeds the number of array elements (0).

Can you please help me debug this?

I've tried to overcome it by downloading again the microgl software from this link: 
Because I saw that it might be because of a bug in dcm2niix code, but with no help.

Help will be much appreciated,
Thank you,
Jun 1, 2020  02:06 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: "File not large enough to store image data"
Hard to diagnose without seeing an image. A couple thoughts:
 1.) Can you send the output once you upgrade to the latest version, the text you included report v1.0.20190902, while the latest stable release is v1.0.20200331.
 2.) Is the image "Subj000396_09_cmrr_mbep2d_Mov4_TR1_cmrr_mbep2d_Mov4_TR1_00020.dcm" appreciably smaller than the other images from the same sequence that convert correctly? The most logical explanation for this error is that the file is corrupted (was not completely transferred). If the file is corrupted, you will need to export it again.
 3.) If neither of these solve your problem, I would need to see a sample to provide further feedback.