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Jun 26, 2020  09:06 AM | Alex Rainer
Error Compressed file '(null).nii.gz' not found.

Upon closer inspection, I found two txt files with the same name. By changing the name of one of them, the problem seems to have gone away. I do remember seeing one of the post showing a similar issue/solution. I left this post up in case it may help someone else later.



I am attempting to run the Mean portion of the analysis (I've run the preprocessing) but promptly ran into this error. I've looked at other posts here regarding this error but couldn't find anything concrete. Could you help?

Below is entry of the log file:

Home dir /Users/thangle/.libsdm/sdm.conf
iExecuting mle for 'run1' with var1 '' var2 '' var3 '' var4 '' hyp=[1.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000] and filter ''
Loading conf from sdmpsi_params.xml...

WARNING: Compressed file '(null).nii.gz' not found.
The program will close as this problem could cause fatal errors.

Thank you so much.