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Oct 5, 2020  04:10 PM | Jana Meier
Show MNI coordinates on 2D images
I'd like to obtain 2D images of my peak clusters with the current slice shown in the corner of the image. I navigated to the correct coordinates using the Coordinates panel, but I can't find the option to include the MNI coordinates on the image. I have older images where the numbers are shown (see attachement), so I did accomplish this before but I don't remember how I did it...
Attachment: con1neg.png
Oct 7, 2020  12:10 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: Show MNI coordinates on 2D images
The spatial coordinates and image intensity are shown in the titlebar. For the interactive views. For saving bitmaps for publication, I would suggest the mosaic view, which optimizes the bitmap for the image's resolution, rather than your screens resolution. The "L+" option will insert labels. Personally, when I created bitmaps I save mosaics without labels, and add them with an image editor or in the figure legend, as the automatic placement of the numbers might not ideal.

import gl
gl.mosaic("L+ C -69 S 34; A -9")