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Oct 6, 2020  05:10 PM | Kristin Sandness - University of MN
MRIcroGL access denied/openGl 3.3 core error
Hi there,

When I try to run MRIcroGL on a Windows 10 education (64-bit) machine I get the error: Access denied. Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption. Press Abort to kill the program.

The computer is a shared device, but I downloaded under my profile to my personal desktop to run (this is happening with both the fall 2019 and March 2020 version of the software).

The program had previously been working without this error message, I'm told, so I'm wondering if the network folks at the University pushed some sort of permissions change for apps.

Edit: When I log-in as an administrator (and download and run the program as an admin), I get the error 'unable to load openGL 3.3 core', and the program doesn't load. The device graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 5450.

So this may be a permissions issue, but doesn't seem to be an admin issue re the level I can access. Thoughts/do you know of a possible workaround here?

Also, sorry I originally posted this to the MRIcron help forum because that's where I found reference to a similar issue occurring.


Oct 7, 2020  12:10 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: MRIcroGL access denied/openGl 3.3 core error
Why don't you try the pre-release, which only requires OpenGL 2.1:
Oct 28, 2020  06:10 PM | Kristin Sandness - University of MN
RE: MRIcroGL access denied/openGl 3.3 core error
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply and apologies for the delayed response. Just FYI - installing the pre-release results in the pop-up 'GLSL error Vertex shader was successfully compiled to run on hardware', overlaying the pop-up 'GLSL shader compile failure'. If I click 'ok' through both, the program launches.

The people I'm troubleshooting this for primarily use the program for image format conversion type work, so if that aspect still functions, I'm not in a rush to resolve this issue, but thought you might want to know.