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Oct 20, 2020  08:10 PM | Jenifer Juranek
syngo MR XA20
Hi Chris,
Have you had an opportunity to work with MRIs from the latest software release (XA20) for the Siemens 3T Vida? Since the software upgrade, I'm having problems working with the enhanced dicom images exported from the scanner. Although the images complete dcm2niix (v1.2.20200331) and display fine in MRIcroGL, FSLeyes does not recognize the orientation (? where the A, P, S, I usually display). I tried viewing with world coordinates, but did not resolve the problem. Maybe this is an issue I need to ask the FSL folks about?
Many Thanks,
Oct 20, 2020  08:10 PM | Chris Rorden
RE: syngo MR XA20
See issue 429
You will want to upgrade to the latest developmental release (or wait for the next stable release) for XA20. The software has also been tested on prototype XA30 data.

For Unix users, compiling the developmental branch would look like this:

git clone --branch development
cd dcm2niix/console

Windows users can get a compiled copy from AppVeyor

With Siemens XA, please remember to export enhanced. Never export as mosaics and never choose to anonymize data from the console.