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Nov 13, 2020  07:11 AM | jacksontb73 - Maastricht University
Register postmortem .25mm hemispheres to MNI space
Dear All, 

I have recently scanned two hemispheres, one left one right, next to each other on a 9.4T and have obtained a structural image of 0.25mm resolution. images look like this [ ᗡD ] - see attachment. I was wondering how I would go about registering these hemispheres to MNI space. Do I need to split the image into two, each with one hemisphere? Would I need to split the template to only include one hemisphere? What MNI template would be best to use? 
Any information towards this would be of great help to me.

Thank you all for your time,
Attachment: postmortem_hem.png
Nov 13, 2020  09:11 AM | Liang Zhan - University of Pittsburgh
Register postmortem .25mmhemispheres to MNI space
if your left and right are not in the same size, you probably should separate them in the registration to get a better result.