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Dec 30, 2020  01:12 AM | Nanfang Pan - HMRRC
Group comparison and conjunctive analyses
I have some questions about group comparison and conjunctive analyses of SDM-PSI (version 6.21). The problems I confronted are exactly the same as the one in sdm-help-list (
To be specific:
(1) I have conducted the subgroup analyses (in subgroup A, one region survived FWE correction when controlling age; in subgroup B, no region survived FWE correction with age controlled). When I compared these two subgroups in the linear model, on column "sd1" (see attached file, figure 1), I have values 1 for subgroup A and 0 for subgroup B with age controlled. But there are no significant findings even if I set 0.05 as uncorrected p threshold. Please tell me if I did something wrong.
(2) I tended to use the multimodal analysis to obtain the overlapping brain regions between two subgroup analyses, but the error happened in SDM (see attached file, figure 2&3 and warning information). You suggested that no space character should exist in the folder name or file name. I have checked this but the SDM still went wrong.
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