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Jan 12, 2021  05:01 AM | Christopher Fong - SDSU Research Foundation
Linear model settings
I am attempting to run an analysis with two groups and add in average age as a continuous covariate.

I am using the linear model with the first covariate as group with values in the table 0 and 1, 1 for the group of interest. In the SDM gui I am assigning a 1 to the group variable. What is the correct variable in the gui to use to get the clusters that are significantly associated with group controlling for age? I am assuming I should set the gui variable as 2 to control for age.

However, I have done some iterative testing to make sure my assumption was correct and when I use a 1 or a 2 I get a single output that appears mostly similar but with the age variable set to 2 there are no significant results once I threshold, so I am hoping someone can clarify for me. 

Thank you.