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Feb 25, 2021  07:02 AM | Xue Zhang
Reading HCP CIFTI format
Hi Dr. Xia,

I really appreciate you providing such a great toolbox.

During using BrainNetView, it seems it couldn't correctly read some conventional HCP formats such as dscalar.nii, dlabel.nii as the data, could you please provide any guidance on visualizing those files, especially via commands?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Feb 25, 2021  09:02 AM | Xue Zhang
RE: Reading HCP CIFTI format
A quick update, I just read the dscalar.nii file into txt and successfully load the txt file into BrainNet View as the mapping file, a follow-up question is whether this is the only way to read those HCP files?

Thanks a lot!

Feb 10, 2023  03:02 PM | Ieva Andrulyte
RE: Reading HCP CIFTI format
I'm still struggling with HCP dscalar files! Did you find the solution? And how did you open the txt file in BrainNet?