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Apr 17, 2021  07:04 AM | Giovanni Zanotto
Export slices problem on mac
Hi, I can't export slices on Mac at the end of the work with QuickNII.
When I click on "export slices" a grey window appears and I can't do anything.
There is a solution for it?


(I try to attach a screenshot of the problem)
Apr 19, 2021  01:04 PM | Gergely Csucs
Export slices problem on mac
Hi, a quick and dirty workaround could be checking if export succeeds using - VisuAlign is the next-step tool for QuickNII, allowing nonlinear deformations. However until nonlinear deformations are not in place, it just creates the same kind of output what QuickNII would. It's done via using "Export..." from the File menu.
I will try to look into the issue with QuickNII, thank you for reporting.