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May 11, 2021  03:05 PM | klara
AUC analysis using GRETNA

I'm new to structural covariance and GRETNA and would like to ask for your guidance on how to do the following AUC analysis in GRETNA:
We have two groups of participants and would like to determine whether they differ in amygdala degree and overall network density, modularity and transitivity using the AUC approach. We have processed the structural MRI data using Freesurfer and thus have a text file with the Freesurfer volumetirc data (subjects as rows, volume of the different regions as columns).

(1) Is the analysis described above possible in GRETNA? Under the Network Analysis, I found nodal metrics - degree but don't see the network density, modularity and transitivity under the global measures - is it hidden under a different terminology?
(2) In order to perform the analysis described above, is it possible to simply upload the Freesurfer outputs to GRETNA and get the AUC results or do we need to start processing the raw images from scratch in GRETNA? And if the first option would be possible, where can I upload the text files? Is the GANNM analysis? 

Many thanks for your advice,