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May 16, 2021  06:05 PM | john216
Permutation number
Dear Dr. Radua,

I found two permutation settings in SDM-PSI:
  • one is in mean-analysis, the default is: 50;
  • another is in FWE correction, the default is: 1000.
Could you please explain a bit more what these two permutation options mean, and if there are any references for the default number?

Jun 19, 2021  08:06 PM | Anton Albajes-Eizagirre - FIDMAG - Germanes Hospitalaries
RE: Permutation number
Dear John,

The first parameter you mention is the number of imputations performed in the multiple imputation step in the mean analysis.

The second parameter is the number of permutations to use for the standard permutation test in the fwe correction.

Hope this helps, kindly,