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Jun 4, 2021  10:06 AM | ainos
Heterogeneity & I2
Dear Experts,

I am conducting a meta-analysis with more than 80 original datasets, comparing fMRI activity in response to Stimuli A vs. Stimuli B. I am a bit uncertain about the heterogeneity statistics. The mean analysis identified almost 30 brain regions with significant differences, and when I extracted heterogeneity statistics of the peak voxels, the I2 estimates ranged mostly between 0.00-1.93 (with a few exceptional regions where I2 values range between 10-49). The p-values of the metabias tests range between 0.984-1.000 (in different peak voxels).

Is this normal or should I be concerned? I mean, is it common to have so low I2 estimates (I2 estimate was 0.00 in one peak voxel) and so large p values in metabias tests (p=1.00 in one peak voxel)?

Many thanks if you have time to reply me even shortly!

Best regards,
Aino S