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Jun 22, 2021  01:06 PM | Molly Rowlands
Peak cluster html table empty
Anyone else having issues with empty html cluster tables? 
When I successfully run my analysis and try to open the tfce corrected peak table, it brings me to the webpage but the webpage appears empty, as if it has frozen. Other tables work fine, e.g. the voxel corrected versions, just the tfce corrected maps aren't working. The tfce correction itself appears to have worked as I can view the resulting activation map. I just can't get more specific cluster information as the table won't load. 

Anyone else experiencing this, or have done and found a solution? 

Aug 12, 2021  03:08 PM | Layla LavallĂ© - Lyon Neuroscience Research Center
RE: Peak cluster html table empty
I have exactly the same problem: the webpage of the tfce corrected peak table appears empty (but not the other tables)... did you find a solution?