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Sep 24, 2021  03:09 PM | Paige greenwood
Missing subject data in ROI-ROI analysis

I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue. I am running an analysis with 39 subjects (Group A=14 and Group B=25). My lab aims to do a general connectivity analysis examining functional connectivity of attention networks using 3 paradigms (P1, P2, P3). In setup, some subjects have multiple sessions of a paradigm or may be missing one (i.e. Subject 1 may have two P1's or Subject 2 may be missing a P2). 

In the second level, I aimed to do ROI-ROI and seed to voxel analyses. In the seed to voxel tab, my between subjects contrast is comparing Group A>Group B and conditions contrast is averaging the 3 sessions which shows 39 subjects in the design matrix.

In the ROI-ROI tab, the set up is the same but only 17 are showing in the design matrix (Group A=3 and Group B=17). I understand that in the setup some participants are missing session data, but why does the seed to voxel fill in the missing data but not ROI-ROI? How do I fix this issue? 

Thank you!