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Nov 3, 2021  03:11 PM | David Kennedy
Brainhack Global 2021 - November 28-December 12 -Save the Date and Sign Up!
Dear NITRC Community,

We are happy to announce the upcoming Brainhack Global 2021 happening November 28th - December 12th. Please join our global party by registering a local event here.

Quick facts about Brainhack:
1. Brainhacks celebrate the sharing of knowledge across disciplines in your local community. They bring researchers together from a variety of subfields (e.g. neurobiology, psychology, engineering) and research backgrounds (industry professional, med student, RA) to collaborate on projects and ideas and teach open science-oriented technical skills.
2. Brainhacks are not your typical hackathon - they are actively inclusive and radically collaborative rather than competitive. To that end, attendees don't need to have prior coding or hackathon experience; Everyone is welcome. All you need to do is bring your excitement to contribute and share ideas in whatever way works for you.
3. The focus on intensive networking and skill-building activities opens doors to many professional opportunities. To learn more about the benefits of Brainhack, check out our recent [url=]Neuroview piece[/url] and this short, mutli-lingual video introducing some of our members.
We particularly welcome the contributions of groups traditonally underrepresented in neuroscience, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and more. Brainhacks are safe spaces with zero tolerance for harassment (see our Code of Conduct).
Finally, hosting a local brainhack is way easier than it seems and we're here to help! Our team has lots of great material to get you started, just reach out if you'd like some help!

Brainhack Global 2021 Organizers

P.S. To support our mission, please share this widely - We'd especially love your help translating and sharing this message in your local language to reach as many people around the world as we can.