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Nov 12, 2021  09:11 AM | makis
How can I create a plot like this?
Hi all

I have found a figure that must have been created using MRIcROgl.

I have managed to create a similar plot but the 3 orthogonal views are not the one next to other. Can this be achieved by changing any parameter of the MRIcroGL software?

Nov 12, 2021  11:11 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: How can I create a plot like this?
This looks a lot like the Scripting/Templates/Mosaic example. You can use Scripting/Templates/Help to get a list of the built in functions that allow you to create your own Python script. The script below will create an image that is pretty similar. You would probably want to create an image without labels (L-) and add these with your favorite vector art tool.

import gl
#open background image
#open overlay: show positive regions
gl.minmax(1, 1, 3)
#open overlay: show negative regions
gl.minmax(2, -1, -3)
gl.colorname (2,"3blue")
gl.backcolor(255, 255, 255)
gl.mosaic("L+ C -10 S -50 A -21; C -79 S 16 A 30; C -91 S -36 A 49; C -50 S -30 A 45");