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Nov 18, 2021  02:11 AM | David Kennedy
ABCD ReproNim Course
We are pleased to announce that the ABCD Course on Reproducible Data Analyses, ABCD-ReproNim, will be re-offered starting in January, 2022! ABCD-ReproNim is a free, open, and virtual educational program targeted to students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career faculty. It is designed to provide a comprehensive background on the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study and ABCD study data, while also delivering training to enable rigorous, reproducible data analyses.

Join us for a semester-long series of online lectures by ABCD and ReproNim experts, followed by an interactive, hands-on Project Month. There are no registration fees for ABCD-ReproNim.

ABCD-ReproNim students are welcome to view the pre-recorded lectures, participate in NeuroStars discussions, and access course materials. A hands-on data exercise will be made available each week to review and reinforce course content while developing practical skills in reproducible neuroimaging analyses. This year we will also offer a short ABCD-ReproNim AI/ML Course on machine learning. Students completing at least 70% of data exercises will be invited to participate in Project Month and will receive an ABCD-ReproNim Certificate of Completion at the end of the course that may be listed on their CV or resume.

We are also currently recruiting a 2022 cohort of teaching assistants (TAs) who will provide support to ABCD-ReproNim students and instructors. For more information, please go to Apply | ABCD-ReproNim Course. TAs will receive compensation in the amount of $5,000 (USD) as a consultant for this effort. Potential TAs will have: (i) research experience with neuroimaging and cognitive science and/or psychology, (ii) prior experience analyzing data from large datasets, (iii) prior experience teaching, and (iv) familiarity with community standards and open source development. TA applications are due December 1, 2021.

More info at where you can register as a student or apply as a paid TA!

TA application deadline: Dec 1, 2021
ABCD-ReproNim Course starts Jan 10, 2022
AI/ML Course starts Feb 28, 2022